With the current Covid 19 pandemic we have also like many other businesses had to give our events a short break. As the restrictions are slowly being lifted we are planning to restart operations gradually. We believe that restarting business in what is now labelled the Post Covid era will also come with added responsibilities. Together with staff and participants, we must ensure to commit to a rigid policy and procedure of sanitation to prevent not only Covid related, but also any form of infectious diseases. While Covid 19 remains a reality so is celebrating our good times, and we at Bubble Soccer Sydney will do our role to ensure the activity is run the safest way possible. 






We believe that Bubble Soccer will be a Covid -19 Safe activity and one that will gain a new kind of popularity. As players are wrapped safely in bubble suits, even when in close proximity to opponents the likelihood of transferring any kind of germ/virus will be very low as heads of players are also inside the bubble. The top of the bubble is open facing above rather than directly at the opponent. The only risk remains inside the bubble suit between the interchanging of players using the same bubble suits, and when properly disinfected with a sanitiser with a minimum alcohol reading of 70%, any bacteria is sure to be wiped away. Although we previously had a policy of wiping down bubble suits with disinfectant, this will now take on a more rigorous procedure.



The following procedures should be rigorously followed in order to achieve a safe event and to minimise the risk of any infection spreading.



Bubble suits to be sprayed/wiped with disinfectant with a reading of at least 70% before and after each event. This should be conducted in sight of participants in order to ensure peace of mind and comfort.

Players will be asked to utilise the same bubble suits through out the event.


In a case of where there are more participants than the number of bubble suits, bubble suits will then be disinfected before participants interchange.

Sanitisers will be made available for participants and spectators throughout the event, before, during and after.

Physical distancing rules will apply. Spectators and players must keep to a safe distance. When in bubble suits players may interact as per the game requirement however will be safe from physical contact due to reasons explained above and do not need to physical distance.

On the day of the event anyone not feeling well, or who has a temp, dry or wet cough or any other symptoms that may suggest wellness should strictly not attend.


Please do not hesitate to raise any concerns at any time before , during or after the event with event supervisor.